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In the heart of South Beloit, IL 61080 lies a nail boutique with 5-star services that would provide you with a superb experience. Welcome to Coco Nail Spa.
Refreshing Space: every Mani station is equipped with ventilation hoses to filter all chemical odors and the air is filled with calming aromatic oil that will bring you the most relaxing moments.
Detail Orientation: we know you come to us to relax, that’s why every service is methodically and meticulously performed for your personalized experience. Rushed service is definitely a no-no.
Feels like home: your pampering time would be more complete when you have a friend to share your stories with. Feel free to spill the tea (if you want to).
Customers are our dearest! Your smile is our happiness and biggest motivation to be better every day. Adorn your nails at Coco Nail Spa 61080 at 302B S Park Ave, South Beloit, IL 61080 for a blissful beauty spa experience.

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I took a nail service in the Spa and I know I will never be going anywhere else. I am relaxed after my every visit to the Spa. The herbs here smells amazing and provices you the best experience ever!

Eleanor Pena

Went here today with my friend, we had a great experience! The entire staff was so kind, they even gave us complimentary fruit while we got our nails done. Highly recommend, check them out!

Josie Fifi

Recommended by a friend and now I’m their loyal customer. My favorite cup of tea is ombré and they blend the color cleverly. Love the way staff here interacting with customers. I’ll try a pink and white set next time

Meghan Mae

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